Hope Creek Academy, formerly Just Right Academy Inc,. is a nonprofit private elementary, middle school, and high school for kindergarten through 12th, geared to children who need structure, consistency, positive reinforcement, more movement, reduced stress, both remediation and challenge along with a multi-sensory way of learning. Students receive direct small group and/or individual instruction in reading, math and language arts, along with integrated social studies, science, art, music, and drama. In some areas a student may need intense remediation, while in others he or she may need to be challenged. Social skills are directly taught and constantly reinforced. Learning to serve is an important value and there are daily opportunities for this along with occasional service days. Movement breaks and physical activities are built into the schedule.

Unnecessary stressors such as homework, high-stakes testing, inappropriately difficult work, and busy work are not part of the program. But because life is not stress-free, techniques and strategies are taught to help students deal with the inevitable stressors and frustrating situations in their lives. Homework is added into our high school program, but not at a level that should stress students.

Respect is important and goes both ways. Students are treated with respect at all times, which precludes the use of corporal punishment, humiliation, and yelling. Students are taught to respect legitimate authority by coaching and example. Bullying is not tolerated and is addressed as a community issue with community solutions instead of simply a personal failing.