An end of year celebration for students sixth grade and older. The HCA community enjoys a night of dancing and joy to culminate the school year drawing to a close.

Bike Day

Once a month students are invited to bring their bike, scooter, or skateboard to school. Students enjoy riding laps outside in the morning and at recess.

Art Day

During the Fall semester, students have the opportunity to take a variety of workshops at school on Art Day. Teachers and family members offer short classes in performing, visual, and graphic arts


During the Spring semester, students have the opportunity to take a variety of workshops at school on STEM Day. Teachers and community members offer short classes in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Field Day

Students participate in outdoor games on teams with all grade levels represented. Teams work together while discovering their collaboration and leadership skills.

Friday Facts

Most Fridays students, teachers, community members, or experts in their field present on a topic of interest. Students ask questions and learn more about what is happening in their community, state, and beyond.

New Events for 2023-2024

We are excited to announce additional opportunities for fellowship amongst staff, students, and their families for the upcoming school year. We will be hosting multiple service days where families of HCA are invited to join in caring for the grounds and building in which we learn and grow. Our first of these days will be held on September 21st. Parents are encouraged to join students from 8:30-11 in the morning. Please bring available gardening tools and be ready to get to work! We will host these days throughout the year on November 11th, March 11th, and April 13th. 

Hope Creek Academy